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Sorry I haven’t been on for a while, I broke my thumb and it hurts to type :( 

Day 06. Favorite Special Episode

David Tennant’s last one where he regenerated! It was absolutely amazing, I’ve seen it so many times I could quote it word for word ;) 

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Multi-Articulated Junk Bots by Rupert Valero

Valero is a US soldier who, during a year deployed in Afghanistan, began constructing rudimentary robot sculptures out of the assorted flotsam he’d find out in the wastes. This hobby soon took on mad scientist levels of mastery, his little trashbots becoming increasingly elaborate and more assured in their eventual overthrow of humanity. Currently, they may not be all too helpful in the war on terror, but they’ll look damn good fighting your Ultimate Warrior action figures. Plus you can make one your own over at Rupert’s etsy!

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She’s so beautiful to be honest! We used to speak ;)

She’s so beautiful to be honest! We used to speak ;)

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There are so many beautiful girls in the world.